Exactly what is Attachment Parenting?

Photography: Georgia Russell

By Cherie Raymond

I’ve often been asked, “So what IS attachment parenting”. After long winded explanations, for ME,  it boiled down to this:

“In a practical sense AP is unconditionally nurturing your child’s cues for nourishment, touch and interaction.”

You do not force your child to:

  • Drink formula (if possible)
  • Feed at scheduled times
  • Cry-it-out (controlled-crying)
  • Sleep on their own
  • Sit in a stroller or capsule
  • Be separated from you for extended periods
  • Be spanked
  • Be independent from you

You allow your child to:

  • Breastfeed (if possible)
  • Feed whenever they need to (on demand)
  • Sleep with you (co-sleep)
  • Be carried in a babycarrier (baby-wear)
  • Stay with you throughout the day and night
  • Be taught with gentle discipline
  • Be dependent on you when they need to

Why go to all this effort to nurture your child?

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