Expanding World: Allow Yourself to be Drawn to That Which is Calling You

By Sally Saint

Over the Christmas period I took a complete step back from the world and went within. In the walls of my home I created the Christmas cocoon. Off social media and my laptop, away from the pressures of the season, and just snuggled up in the warmth and comfort of my home with my child.

That time was invaluable, honouring what I had right now, and allowing myself to slow down to the natural rhythm of winter. For in this stop a door inside of me opened.

As a parent there are so many cycles, your child develops and his/her requirements of you alter. Sometimes daily. I have noticed and witnessed the time my son needs a bucketful of cuddles and connection, and the very next day he requires me to step back as he weaves the web of his inner imagination.

For myself and my son the world is expanding, the New Year heralded this for us both. My desire to step forth as woman with the many teachings I have inside of me. For my son I see the importance of friendship increasing, new experiences and also his desire for this imaginary space and place. Be it in a book or music or drawing. He enters this world of his very own, a world that gives and brings him peace and joy.

So for us all, as our children grow it is the reality inside us that also awakens, the importance of every single one of us to make the maximum positive impact on the world we live in. For we start to see the truth, as conscious parents our role is not any more just about parenting our children, it is about being the caregiver to the world we live in.

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