From brain tumour to bike rides in Hawaii – Jett’s 12 month journey

“Jett’s goals remain the same as before the lockdown; we believe because of Telepractice, these are still easily achievable. If he didn’t have Telepractice, Jett would have to miss out on physio, speech and OT for many months. This would be a massive detriment to his recovery.”

Jett’s been so resilient – from initial diagnosis, chemo and surgeries – and he’s adapted to Telepractice sessions from the hydrotherapy in-person sessions. His therapists have found creative solutions which Jett has embraced wholeheartedly.

For example, Claire and Jett are going on virtual bike rides to Hawaii, stopping off for ice cream and having a great time!

Crystal commented that Jett really enjoys his sessions and doesn’t see it as therapy – the bike riding, ‘Simon Says’ and other activities are all fun games that he looks forward to.

“Since moving to Telepractice, Jett has just continued to progress his strength and achieve his goals. Now he can walk upstairs and do ten laps of his house riding his bike, it is just outstanding,” says Claire.  

Twelve months after his final brain surgery, Jett’s communication skills have significantly improved, as well as his ability to convey his needs and wants. Jett now uses speech sounds accurately in longer words, can name common objects, and attend to activities for longer periods of time. He also now spontaneously uses both hands when playing and is more independent.

“I no longer hear him say “I can’t”. The Jett I see today is a happier, more confident child compared to when I first met him. He is back to doing the things he loves, such as building Lego,” says Lauren Atkins, CPA occupational therapist.  

“Jett has come so far in the past twelve months and it seems no hurdle is too high. In addition to his physical strength goals, he’s more confident, independent and motivated to challenge himself. We look forward to seeing all that Jett is going to achieve in the future!” says Claire, CPA physiotherapist. 

Jett’s speech therapy goals continue to target his stuttering and making an even smile, while his occupational therapy goals are focused on the future – building skills to get ready for school.  

Crystal commented on how proud she is of Jett’s strength and bravery. He’s taken every setback in his stride, and despite being knocked around by chemo, he’s still the same bubbly, big-hearted, empathetic, happy-go-lucky boy.

Nine days after his final brain surgery, on the way to his first CPA therapy session, Jett realised he only had one eye open.

“He looked at me in the mirror and said “Oh mum, why do I only have one eye open?” I told him it was from his operation and that it may open one day but it doesn’t matter because he’s still the same strong, cheeky boy. He was completely unfazed by it,” says Crystal.  

“We’re so grateful to still have the Jett we know and love; all of humankind could benefit from Jett’s qualities and simple attitude to life,” says Crystal. 

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