Has your parenting style been HACKED?

Just this morning, Gypsy, our two year old, had the meltdown of her life (a real massive one). Tantrums like this make me have to take some really deep breaths and speak to her in a relaxed tone of voice. All in all, it took 20 minutes to find out what her deal was and why she felt the need to go volcanic on me. I did get her to use her words and through all the screams, sobs and garbles, found out that I turned off The Wiggles (didn’t realise she liked that show until today).

I employed deep breathing the way that I use when I teach a yoga class, and she really took to it and calmed down beautifully. The other way of parenting that was taught would have been to give her a decent smack and place her into her room until she was calm.

Your parenting style should be the one that you’re comfortable with. It should be the way that you yourself would like to be treated.

My experience with placing a child in the naughty corner or room (thanks Supernanny), is that they tend to go on FOREVER and learn that their feelings aren’t important and that mummy is allowed to lock them up. They also start to learn that this is OK to do to others, which, in return, they then get into trouble for.

Your parenting style should be the one that you’re comfortable with. It should be the way that you yourself would like to be treated. My eldest son was Asperger’s; I found that the way we are bringing the other four children up also worked better for him.

Does your parenting style always work? No, you really have to accept that each child is an individual and needs to be parented differently. Bringing up children can be enjoyable if you remember that everyone, including yourself, needs respect, love, and understanding.

Megen Hibbins, the free-spirited hippy mother, writer, homeschooler, traveller, off grid liver, blogger and vlogger. Living totally off-grid in the Australian bush with beekeeper husband and children aged 7, 6, 5 and 2 that are homeschooled. Megen is a passionate writer, vlogger, homeschool advocate and lifestyle freedom and earth-loving activist. She writes twice a week on her blog whilst working with her husband and children on the things that need doing. To contact her head to her blog at www.yogahippy.com.au or subscribe to the Yoga Hippies YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/yogahippies

Can you relate to this? Are you parenting your children differently to your family and friends? How do you navigate that in your life? Leave us a comment below.
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  1. says: Sarah Cummings

    Love the philosophy that you’ve adopted into your parenting style. It makes so much more logical sense to me than the more traditional/old school style.
    Can’t believe The Wiggles are still a thing haha

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