I get it, I get all of it

Rachel Burt Photography

By Jess Urlichs

I get it, I get all of it. 
The screams, the tears, the tantrums. 
Your bottom lip drops and your eyes brim with emotions. 
Sometimes you even turn away from me. 
That one rips my heart in two. 
Then the sun will peak through and the smiles will come for Daddy and I’ll be left here in the storm puddles. 
I feel your pain because I’m also tired and torn, but I get it now. 
I’m that place for you. 

When you have a scary dream and you call “Mummy” because my hugs and the sound of my voice breathes confidence into you. 

The one that always has its lights on with the open sign hanging in the window. 
Yes, you can air your laundry here and forget to wipe your feet on the door mat. 
I’m that place where you can scatter your feelings over the floor and I won’t sweep them under the rug. 
I know at times you try to hold it all together. 
You can unravel here. 
And I won’t judge you, I’ll open my arms to you. 
Please fall into them, when you’re ready. 

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