If Women Are OK, Our Families Are OK

By Kate Barnes

The knowledge we have as women in regard to wellbeing and what it involves, directly affects not only the state of our own health and happiness, but the state of health in our children and in our families.

It’s knowledge (wisdom) that generations ago was handed down from one generation to the next and built upon as we evolved. Yet over hundreds of years this knowledge has consistently been eroded, even dismissed; so much so, it’s now very difficult to know what is right and what is not.

Deep down, I believe we do know.

I see it in the women I work with who are desperate to find the answers they know are there to help overcome their children’s health issues and suffering and who want to safeguard their future. I know because I’ve been there too. It feels hard to trust our inner voice, gently guiding us to take a road that’s less traveled, and the one we instinctively know is what our family needs.

It’s an uncertainty that’s born from a modern, industrialised culture that’s taught us to deflect responsibility for our own wellbeing to others and to the experts who “know better”. Often they do know better in a physical or theoretical sense, however we cannot dismiss the incredible emotional connection and knowing we have as mothers for our family’s needs.

“The bond between mothers and their children is a spiritual force that can never be broken. Mothers know their children better than anyone else can or ever will… A mother’s gut instinct overrides all clinical systems set in place to diagnose children.” ~  Anthony William, Author, Medical Medium. 

When we trust this knowing and we begin to be more curious, then we find the answers we are looking for. Our families are OK. Our communities are OK. The world is a happier, healthier place.

However, in our busy modern lives, it’s difficult to find the time or space to listen to this maternal instinct, this inner knowing. Conversely we are left feeling exhausted and depleted.

This, combined with an inherent lack of social regard for this important role, i.e. its lack of status as a “real job”, together with little support for sharing the weight of responsibility, no manual (elders and community) to guide, support and give us confidence. Let alone time to enjoy the incredible gift we have been given, i.e. our children, or the time to pursue our personal interests and passions – the energisers of our heart and soul.

Rather we are left feeling despondent, depressed and emotionally detached. Feelings of being physically depleted, exhausted, unworthy and generally unhappy with our lot in life. A depleted energy that ripples through our families and impacts the rich fabric of our communities and the world we live in.

Exaggerated? I don’t think so. I heard a great quote about 7 years ago, it was about the same time I started my business. At the time it deeply resonated with me:

Our children are our future. Take care of our children, and the future takes care of itself.

However after a bit of experience in the job, I know now this isn’t quite right.

Rather – I’ve extended it to:

Our children are our future. Nourish the hearts of our women who nourish our children and the future takes care of itself.

The fact is that if we’re OK, our children are OK and our families are OK. Not the other way around.

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