Emotional Support and Balance For New Mothers and Baby

By Natali Brown

New mums: I’ve been there!

The endless nights of pajama patrol and no sleep. My husband called me a “maternity nerd” as I probably read all the books I could lay my hands on about being a new mum, what to expect…and boy was I in for a huge surprise! No one told me it won’t go at all like they said in the books!

For a year my baby didn’t sleep and neither did I. I was a walking zombie and functioning like a normal human being was out of the question.

My neighbour was a naturopath and she easily managed to get all her babies to sleep through the night from the word go…what was I doing wrong? 

With my family overseas and husband at work I felt so alone. One afternoon I literally ran into my neighbour’s house pleading with her to help me. Of course she couldn’t help me, she couldn’t make my baby go to sleep.

I decided to change my mindset and realised I had to take control of my situation. I had to go with what felt right for me. This stuff about letting your child cry it out just didn’t do it for me. The thought of him crying his little heart out for hours whilst I sat there stuffing cotton wool in my ears to drown out the noise, it didn’t feel right and motivated me to take immediate positive action.

It took only one night – on that night my son woke, I walked in, kissed his face, held him close and told him “Mummy’s here and everything is OK”. I put him back in his cot. He woke again 20 minutes later and I did the same, sang to him and left him to sleep.

From that moment on he slept through the night.

Children can feel your emotions, your fears and doubts. You are an amazing mum, don’t doubt yourself. My baby could feel the shift in emotion within me and must have immediately felt comforted by my resolve.

Pregnancy is such a major life changing event and once I stood in my own power of motherhood I realised, it was all it took – just be yourself, go with your heart and stay positive.

This was before I even knew about Reiki and the wonderful benefits a Reiki treatment can have for the whole family.

Fast forward 12 years and as a qualified Reiki Master Practitioner, I work with mums, babies, toddlers, teens and young adults from my home clinic in Silverdale. I found that providing Reiki treatments and listening to my intuition and sharing the knowledge gained from being a mum to two beautiful boys really helps new mums to find balance and gain a better understanding of how to approach their pregnancy.

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