Moments to Remember

Photography:Alexa Doula Photography

By Hayley Zemontas

I hope I never forget,  
how it feels to hold you close.  
The warm weight of your little form 
nestled against my bones.  
The heat of your soft breaths,  
gentle upon my cheek. 
Your duckling feathered hair; 
your smell so clean and sweet.  
The aroma of brand new life;  
a scent so beautifully unique.  

I hope I shan’t forget 
how small you are right now.  
Curled fingernails in miniature, 
the soft bow of your mouth.  
Eyelashes like stars, 
splayed velvet on your cheeks.  
The conch swirl of your ears  
and perfect doll-like feet.  
How I plant kisses in your hair  
and in each pudgy crease.  

I hope I won’t forget  
how it felt to hear your cries;  
a sound stark and wondrous,  
a moment paused in time.  
Like opening a gift,  
they sheared apart my shell, 
revealing hidden pearls; 
your song, a peal of bells.  
I’m sure I’ll never forget  
how my heart did swell.  

Hayley Zemontas is a first-time mum to twin girls. She loves writing poetry and finds it very therapeutic. You can find her on her Facebook page.

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