Uniting Hearts and Minds: The Highly Sensitive and Neurodiverse Family Summit

In a world that often rushes forward at lightning speed, it is essential to remember this is not how we were designed to be. This is particularly evident as we learn more about the highly sensitive person, often concurrently diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, depression, or on the autism spectrum. For the highly sensitive or neurodiverse person, the way in which we live prevents them from thriving. If you are, have or think you may have a highly sensitive or neurodiverse child… then you know exactly what I mean. 

Our Highly Sensitive Children have many gifts to share – they are pure light! Perhaps you have heard them referred to as a Star or Rainbow Child? As parents, we know it’s not all rainbows and recognize the challenges in raising these children in a way that supports them holistically, and honours their light. We understand they feel it all, emotions can be intense, and that it can be challenging in a world that lives disconnected from our hearts and emotions. As parents, we need to get to the heart of the matter, redefine our routines and lifestyle, and find tools that truly empower our rainbows and families. While a diagnosis may offer further resources, the core requires nourishing the nervous system. Not only is this important for them, but we also need these practices ourselves so we can be truly present, co-regulate, and offer them an environment to flourish.

Our Highly Sensitive Children have many gifts to share – they are pure light!

If you are a Highly Sensitive parent, you are likely an Indigo Child. This may offer you insight, but can also make the parenting journey challenging in other ways. This Summit is about learning to connect with yourself and your child on a deep level, to support their healthy development, while honouring their brilliant light… and yours. 

Key Highlights of the Summit: 
  • This summit brings together a panel of speakers rooted in science with an intuitive perspective on parenting, many being neurodiverse or parents of neurodiverse children themselves
  • We explore important topics, including many that are not discussed, and practical, playful techniques to empower the highly sensitive child 
  • Learn effective communication and co-regulation tools to deeply connect with your child, and reduce challenging behaviours
  • Explore ways to prevent sensory overload for your child and yourself, while helping them build confidence in their abilities
  • Everyone gains instant access to age-appropriate breathwork for children and yourself on the gloWithin App… and you can mingle with other parents who get what you’re going through in the Community space! 

This summit is a landmark event that embodies the spirit of inclusivity, compassion, and understanding. By fostering awareness, it is paving the way for a more compassionate and accepting world. Whether you are or have a highly sensitive or neurodiverse family member, this summit promises to be an enriching experience that can transform lives. 

We look forward to having you join us for this very special free, virtual event October 3rd to 5th. Being sensitive, we offer the interviews in video and audio format, and the opportunity to join our VIP for year long access to the learning plus much more! Everyone who joins this free event receives instant access to the Intro Course of age-appropriate breathwork and other tools, on the gloWithin App

We look forward to exploring practical, holistic approaches you can incorporate into your life, for greater peace, love, connection, and joy!

Find out more about the summit and save your spot here.

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