One Big Mistake Mums Make

Photography: Fran Jorgensen |

By Anne Cullen

After nearly 14 years of mothering, and over 25 years of working with children and their parents, I’ve noticed a few patterns emerging. Some of the things mothers are doing are working – others, not so much!

Of course we are all going to make mistakes along the way, but if you can avoid them then everything is going to go so much more smoothly. And who doesn’t want that?

I want to share with you one of the BIGGEST mistakes I see mums making ALL the time, and hopefully by me sharing it with you, you’ll be able to stop yourself from making it!

What is this BIG mistake?


Now, I know you love your children more than anything on the planet and OF COURSE you want to do anything and everything to make sure you get this parenting stuff right. You don’t want to mess them up! You want them to always feel safe, secure and loved.

But what sometimes happens is that mums like me, who might be just a little bit of a PERFECTIONIST (sound familiar?) don’t really know when to let go just a little bit.

Sometimes we get a bit TOO involved, perhaps even a teeny bit obsessed, about making sure we are doing everything right.

We read constantly. Talk to other parents. Sit on Google and Facebook while we’re breastfeeding in the middle of the night. Whatever it takes to find the answers to being, let’s face it, the PERFECT mum with the PERFECT kids.

Admit it, that’s what you are really after! We aren’t the kind of mums that just want to be “good enough”! We want to be the BEST.

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