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My Loxxi

With babies born 2 weeks apart, co-founders of My Loxxi, Lina and Shantel, embarked on their parenting journey side by side, experiencing the highs and lows of early motherhood. They entered a whole new world of nurturing their babies through developmental leaps, which they had previously known nothing about, and it got them thinking about how mums could be better supported during these challenging times. At My Loxxi, they have created a unique service that has goodies delivered to mums in-line with their baby’s leap dates: treats that empower, encourage and bring smiles to the faces of well-deserving mamas when they need it most.

The passion: What inspired you to set up your business?  

We are both first-time mums and our kids were born only 2 weeks apart. We experienced pregnancy, birth, the newborn stage and everything else together but one of our biggest shocks (that we weren’t prepared for at all!) were the developmental leaps, otherwise known as wonder weeks. Each baby goes through 10 developmental leaps before they turn two years old. What this means is that they will start to learn and reach milestones to help them understand and live in this world. Each leap is a lot for bub but also for mum. The emotional strain it takes on mum is immense, and many times we’re challenged with how to soothe them. This is especially difficult for new and first-time mums who usually don’t know about the leaps. So we wanted to create something for mum, to help her feel loved and supported as she goes through these challenging stages. That is how My Loxxi was born.

The launch: How did you start out in the beginning?  

We started off big and when we launched, we didn’t have everything we had envisioned we’d have by the time we opened. But these are all learning experiences and as a new business less than a year old, we’ve adapted and continue to improve our boxes based on the recommendations and feedback of our subscribers.

The innovation: What was the biggest breakthrough for you with your business?  

The biggest breakthrough for us has been the planning and timing of the boxes. With contents changing every month, it is a big job to find products, test them, find products that follow a theme, get them all, get a photographer and all before they are released the first of each month. We have a bit of a system and are way ahead of the game in our planning and testing. We have the next 4 months sorted, which we are so excited about!

Yin and Yang: How do you balance work and family?  

That is something we are still trying to find a good balance with! We both work part-time jobs as well so it’s all about being organised and prioritising things. Majority of our work and meetings are done through Zoom at night after the kiddies are asleep. So I guess that’s a silver lining of Zoom!!

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