The Intersection Between a Safe Home and Sustainability

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By Emily Folk

Your house should feel like a respite from potential harm. After all, it should exist as a sanctuary where you and your family can relax without worry. However, many kids still become hurt and die due to home injuries annually. The instances are less likely to occur if you take special steps to create a beneficial home environment.

Here’s how to ensure that you and your family stay safe at home. 

1. Secure All Windows 

You may or may not be surprised to learn that windows pose a threat to kids. If they’re not secured properly, it’s not long before a curious child pushes one open. It’s also possible for window treatments to create issues. More than 15,000 children under six years old have experienced blind-related injuries since 1990. Most blinds and shades come fitted with cords. Those strings may lead to accidental entanglements. 

Do your best to arrange furniture away from windows. If your kids can still climb to reach one, it’s essential to ensure they can’t grab any window treatments.

You should lock your windows at all times to prevent accidents. Make sure to keep your children away from open windows when applicable. You could even install window bars on your kids’ windows to further guarantee their safety. 

2. Prevent Stair Falls 

Young kids almost always find a way to climb staircases. If you don’t put up baby gates, you’ll probably have to deal with some injuries. Make sure to place these preventative bars around all potential fall zones. Consider certain entryways, too. This step can even keep your pets safe. When your children learn how to walk with more caution, it’ll be easier for them to navigate steps without supervision. 

You should also place soft pads around hard corners on tables and other furniture to prevent head injuries. You never know when your kid will take a tumble into your coffee table.

A few thick rugs can make a difference between a hard and soft fall as well. 

3. Try Solar Energy 

Many people don’t realise that fossil fuel energy production leads to pollution. A solar panel setup provides higher efficiency rates – and they’re also better for your health. You’re more likely to experience various emissions if you heat your home with natural gas. Those nitrous oxides and sulfur dioxides aren’t beneficial. They may even lead to respiratory issues as a result, an impact that lasts for years. 

A switch to solar energy could be a smart idea if you’ve noticed family health issues. We should all do what we can to reduce our exposure to air pollution. That’s especially true if you live where it’s hard to come by clean air. A fix like this makes a noticeable difference. 

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