The journey

Hannah Webb Photography

By Sarah Noble

You were here. 
Everything I thought I knew, went out the window.  
I thought I’d KNOW what to do. 
I didn’t. 
I was overwhelmed. 
I wanted desperately to give you what you needed. 
But, I didn’t know what that was.  
I didn’t realise it would take some time to get to know each-other. 
I thought I’d failed you. 
But you knew I was enough. 
The love I felt for you kept me going. 
I knew, deep down, that even though I couldn’t stop you crying, you could feel the love from me. 
I got better at understanding you. 
We became a team. 
Sometimes I don’t know again, but, I’m ok with that.  
Because, I know what I do will ALWAYS be enough. 
I know I try my best. 
I know I care, SO much. 
I know I love you with every inch of my soul.  
That’s all that matters. 
That’s all you see – the love, the effort, the trying. 
Thank you for being patient with me, little one.  
Thank you for believing in me. 
Thank you for trusting me. 
Thank you for choosing me.  

Sarah Noble is a Mindset and Mindfulness Speaker, Writer and Mentor, and an Accredited Mindfulness Teacher. She specialises in helping first-time mums optimise their mental health, so they can navigate motherhood with confidence and clarity. She lives in Dunedin with her partner and son, Dylan, who is 10 months old. She loves vegetables, rock music, nature, travel and swearing.  
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