Three Moves to Help Support You if You’re Pregnant

By Laura Mason

Your bags are packed, the car seat and bassinet are ready and now you wait. While you wait, with thoughts of birth flitting through your mind, I’ve got a few pilates moves that will help ease some of those pregnancy niggles. Hi, I’m Laura from Unwind Pilates Studio and I’m all about moving your body with pilates to feel good. Today, I am giving all of you pregnant mamas a little love. 

This series has three moves and they are all done on the floor because, let’s be honest, once you’re down there, you might as well do all the things before getting back up again. These can be done at any stage of your pregnancy but will feel particularly good in the last trimester when your little one is running out of room and you may be feeling a little bit uncomfortable at times.

Thoracic extension at the edge of the couch

Why: This will open your chest and reverse the forward rounding that occurs as your breasts and bump grow. It may also help you to get a bit more breath into those lungs that are more compressed as the weeks go on. 

How: Sit on the floor with the edge of the couch at your bra strap. Cradle your head in your hands and sit with your legs in a way that is comfortable for you. Inhale and lean back over the edge, stretching the front of your body. Exhale to sit back up straight

Repeat x10 (or more if you enjoy them – NB. this was my favourite exercise when pregnant)

Book openings

Why: This will open your chest and reverse the forward rounding that occurs as the pregnancy progresses. It will also rotate your spine, which should stretch out through the abdomen and perhaps even the lower back.

How: Lie on your side with a pillow under your head. Lengthen your top hip away from your top ribs and draw your underneath waist up. Inhale as you take your top arm towards the ceiling and away for your other arm. Make sure that your eyes follow your hand. Exhale to close the hands back together again.

Repeat x10/side

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