To the Mamas Running Businesses

Photography:Fran Jorgensen Photography

By Sarah Noble

To all my mamas who also run, or want to run a business:  

You DON’T have to hustle. 

You don’t have to to choose business OR parenting (but know you can’t do both full time at 110% without sacrificing something, e.g. your health) 

You don’t have to work full time, or even part time. 

You don’t have to show up when you don’t feel like it. 

You don’t have to be positive all the time. 

You don’t have to earn 6 figures in your first year. 

You don’t have to have it all figured out and have everything planned and “perfect”. 

You don’t have to do anything that does not align with you.  

Ask yourself: 

How often do you want to work, so it doesn’t add stress to your life or take away from how you want to show up as a mum?  

Redefine success: what does it mean to you – without the monetary influence? 

Don’t compare yourself to others who have no kids, or have more support than you, or anyone, cos you just don’t know their full story!  

You CAN do business in a way that feels good for you, in the season of motherhood you are in.  

I refuse to sacrifice my mental and physical health for the sake of the popular “hustle culture”.  

I am following my own inner compass in my business.  

I’m going at my own pace. 

I’m OK with it not growing as fast as it could, while I focus on being a mum and work only when I feel the capacity to, in a way that feels good.  

If the way you are working is not working for you, your health and your family, tweak, adjust, find a better flow.  

You get to decide how to show up as a mum and as a business owner. Tune out the outside noise and tune into you.  

Sarah Noble is a Mum of a 4-month-old and 2.5-year-old. She is a Mindset Coach for Mums, helping them to manage their mind, optimise their mental health and come home to their authentic selves, while navigating motherhood. She also hosts Mamas’ circles. She loves normalising conversations around everyday motherhood and mental health and shares her own journey openly. You can connect with Sarah on Instagram and Facebook

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