Twins Vs. One Baby: Comparing Pregnancies in Pictures

By Hannah Schenker

Ever wondered just how different it looks to be pregnant with twins vs. one baby? Have you yourself had twins and can attest to the difference, first-hand? This mama has documented both in pictures of herself at 36 weeks. You can see for yourself just how much bigger her belly is with two boys, vs. one girl!

US vlogger Natalie Bennett wore the same top at both times to show clearly how much her body changed with the two pregnancies.

“My body has been stretched before,” she says in her video, “so in this pregnancy I’m reaping the benefits because I don’t have the pain in my skin like I did last time.

“In my last pregnancy, by the end, I had a huge body and my belly was so ridiculously large, it looks inhuman.”

“I had a torpedo belly sticking out like a stinking shelf, it was so heavy, my skin was so stretched and by that time I was so miserable.”

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