Why ‘Yes Spaces’ Are Important While Working From Home

By Emily Folk

Working from home with kids isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be pretty complicated most of the time. Navigating busy schedules, school activities and professional work can be a daunting task. Luckily, child development specialists have a solution for parents balancing work from home and childcare. If you find yourself attending a Zoom meeting while your two-year-old runs around screaming, you need a ‘Yes Space’.

So what is a ‘Yes Space’? In short, it’s a safe and fun area where children can play independently without being constantly monitored. When parents work from home, children may grow accustomed to hearing “no” a good amount of the time. Stay off the couch, don’t go in the cabinets, don’t chase the cat.

By creating a ‘Yes Space’, parents can give children a space to engage with different materials without needing to be stopped or controlled.

If you find yourself working from home with kids, here are a few reasons why ‘Yes Spaces’ may be important to your success. 

1. Encourages Independent Play 

Your child’s ‘Yes Space’ can be in their bedroom, a playroom or even the middle of your office space. All you need is a part of a room that is child-proof and organised, so that you can focus on your own work while they play. 

For a toddler, a ‘Yes Space’ may have some board books, a couple of stuffed animals and some puzzles.

By including a mix of toys, you can be sure that your child is engaging in activities that benefit them.

Your ‘Yes Space’ encourages independent and concentrated play, enabling the child to choose the activities they wish. Including a few options allows them to focus on gross motor development, like playing with a ball or blocks, or creative learning, like having a tea party for their stuffed animals.

In the end, you may find that infants and toddlers are more interested in safe, textured household items, like molded ice cub trays or pots and pans. 

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