Why ‘Yes Spaces’ Are Important While Working From Home

2. Promotes Imagination 

When families get too busy, children tend to get caught in hectic schedules. While a certain amount of structure and a daily routine can be extremely helpful, all children need time to disengage and explore on their own. Setting up a safe and secure environment allows children to engage in imaginative play, without paying attention to a clock or needing guidance from any outside authority. 

3. Easy to Set Up 

Luckily for the parents, ‘Yes Spaces’ are not complicated! You don’t need any special furniture or equipment. If you are working with limited space, your child’s ‘Yes Space’ might be an area next to the couch or next to the kitchen island.

Depending on your workflow, you may also consider setting up a couple of ‘Yes Spaces’, so that your child can stay within your sight while you change scenes for your workday.

4. Encourages Calm Activities 

When you are trying to focus on your own work, making sure your child is safe while playing on the swingset can be stressful and distracting. ‘Yes Spaces’ are perfect because they promote calm activities, allowing children to be creative and have fun without running circles around you. 

5. Develops the Ability to Focus 

As a working parent, you understand firsthand the importance of being able to focus. Children need the opportunity to develop concentration, and ‘Yes Spaces’ provide a secure space where children can learn how to direct their attention to one activity at a time.

Not only does this promote important cognitive development skills, but it also benefits parents throughout the day when children are more easily focused and need less assistance staying occupied.

Yes Spaces for Working Parents 

Navigating working from home while also raising children is a tricky task. Both responsibilities are incredibly rewarding, but trying to do both at the same time can feel impossible. Creating a ‘Yes Space’ for your child can transform your ability to focus on your work, while also helping your child engage in calm and creative activities. 

If you are looking for a simple solution to keeping a young child occupied while you try to send emails, consider creating a ‘Yes Space’ today! 

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