Getting Your Breast Pump to Work the Best For You

Some women may have a low milk supply and need to increase the volume. Expressing milk can help with that as a drained breast actually creates milk faster.

Tips to pump up the volume:
  • Use the silicon breast massager, ensuring it is tightly sealed around the edge.
  • Ensure the nipple funnel on the breast shield is not too small for you causing friction – you can always request a larger shield.
  • While pumping, apply manual hand expressing motions to the breast to help release milk ducts.
  • Ensure you are using the settings right. Refer to your manual. Start at a very low level and slowly make your way up. Most mothers do not need to go to max. If using the Forte do not turn the dial right up to max straight away. If using the Allegro start at 1 and slowly make your way up to level 4-5. It will create a memory for next time. If double pumping start at 4 and work your way up to 7.
  • For the Minuet LCD, start with gentle massage mode and after 2 minutes move to expressing mode while only increasing suction approx. every 30 seconds until you are comfortable and milk is flowing efficiently.
  • Try pumping with one shield only. This can sometimes produce more flow for mothers than double pumping.

Read how to pump more milk using HANDS ON EXPRESSING HERE

Above all, pumping shouldn’t hurt. If you are in pain, talk to a lactation consultant or the manufacturer to make sure you’ve got everything right.

Founded and directed by a midwife and mother, Express the Best was born from a passion to promote breast feeding/ breast milk and natural health, by helping NZ families to afford top quality products that would encourage them to pursue this journey. They are New Zealand’s exclusive importers of Unimom breast pumps and products, approved by lactation consultants, midwives, other health professionals and used in NZ hospitals. Read more information about Unimom products at

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