How mothers can nurse themselves healthy

By Hannah Schenker

Got a spare 15 minutes? Looking for something to watch when you are next breastfeeding your bubba? Watch E. Bimla Schwarz, a women’s health expert and scholar of evidence-based data, as she sheds new light on the maternal health benefits of breastfeeding in a talk at TEDMED. This is incredible.

“There is a simple and natural way to spare tens of thousands of women from having heart attacks each year… yet less than 8% of hospitals are fully promoting this approach.” – E. Bimla Schwarz

Isn’t this absolutely incredible?! Please share with anyone you think could benefit from this valuable information. Goes to show that even health professionals are often still in the dark when it comes to the benefits of breastfeeding.

Women need more support to breastfeed – we’ve evolved to nurse our babies and it benefits both mother and child. This means support in those early days with new babies as they both learn to breastfeed. It means access to lactation specialists who can help resolve any breastfeeding problems or pain. This means support from the wider society for breastfeeding mothers – acceptance, respect and the provision of facilities and space for them to breastfeed their babies out in the world. We can do this!

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