8 ways to give your kids healthy habits for life

We know how important it is for our kids’ health, wellbeing and even schoolwork to have a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

But how can you make sure that they’re developing healthy habits that will last them a lifetime? We’ve got 8 tips to help you teach your kids how to live a healthy life – and enjoy it!

  1. Be a role model

Lead by example! You’re a powerful influence, and kids will model their behaviour on what they see you do. And of course, you can’t tell them to snack on fruit when you’re eating chocolate biscuits! So make sure they’re seeing you making the same healthy choices you want them to make.

  1. Teach kids about food

Teach them about how food is cooked, about the different nutrients we get from food and what they do, and how food is grown. Encourage them to help out in the kitchen. There’s no better way to learn about how a meal is put together than to help prepare it!

  1. GYO: grow your own!

Grow some veggies, herbs or fruit at home, and get the kids involved with planting them, watering and harvesting. It’s a fun way to get them interested in what they’re eating, and for them to learn that food doesn’t have to come from a packet.

  1. Have a regular meal and snack schedule

Regular mealtimes will make it easier for kids to know when they’re hungry, as their bodies are used to a routine. Eating regularly throughout the day will also keep their blood sugar levels consistent so they won’t constantly snack.

  1. Don’t use food as a reward or bribe

Find ways of rewarding good behaviour at school, sport or home that don’t involve treats and sweets. And don’t use dessert as an incentive to eat their veggies, or they’ll start to be more interested in the treat than in the healthy food you’re actually trying to encourage.

  1. Don’t keep unhealthy food in the house

This one’s simple: if it’s not there, you can’t eat it! Keep healthy snacks available at home for the kids – and you!

  1. Encourage kids to get physical

Let them discover what physical activities they like. Not every child is going to like the same sports, so give them a chance to find out which ones they enjoy. Family activities can get active too: spend time together on a bike ride or playing a game of their favourite sport.

  1. Make dinner time into family time

Shared meals are super important for growing brains! Dinnertime conversations boost vocabulary, and could help your kids do better in class. They also give busy family members a chance to spend some together. Not only that, but kids who eat meals regularly with the family actually eat more fruit and veg than those who don’t!

  1. Lead by example 

By using Natvia  natural sweetener in your cup of tea or coffee instead of sugar, you are demonstrating to your children that there are alternatives available that still taste as sweet as sugar, but don’t contain the nasties involved. The same goes for using Natvia baking mix while cooking delicious treats with your kids – this shows them that “sugar free” doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds! Why? Because Natvia is made from the freshest tips of 100% organic Stevia, and is grown and packed right here in Australia.

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