Struggling to transition your child into their first big bed?

Some of you may absolutely love co-sleeping and find that it works for you and your kiddies – sharing one big bed for as long as it feels good for everyone. However, there may come a time when your child is ready and willing to sleep in their own bed, or for whatever reason you cannot share a bed any longer. Transitioning your child to their own bed or cot comes with its own challenges, right down to simple things like keeping warm, keeping the covers on and not rolling out of bed. That’s where Kids Zip Sheets can be really helpful.

Transitioning your child to their first big bed is easy with a Kids Zip Sheet Cot-size sheet set. Talk to your child about their special sheets, and if they are able, let them choose the colour. Start by taking the drop-down side of the cot off, if yours does this, so that they are in their toddler bed. They will love being able to get themselves up in the morning, and going to bed at night by themselves too. With a Kids Zip Sheet, they are less likely to fall out of their bed because the zips are securely done up and the top sheet won’t come untucked like a conventional set of sheets. Once they get used to this, you can then do the same thing on a single bed, with a Single-size set.

Kids Zip Sheets in Cot-size has the unique feature of being able to easily adjust the top sheet to three different lengths, by adjusting the snaps fasteners on the sides of the sheets. This allows you to fold your top sheet away to the bottom for a young baby, and the length can be adjusted as your child grows. Child sleep experts recommend that your child’s feet should always be at the bottom of the cot.

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