10 Essentials for Potty Training

Are you thinking it is time to get your child out of nappies during the day? If now is the time, we have come up with a list of products to get you started.

1. Potty

Some parents opt for potties only, others just the toilet, some a mix of the two. It is totally up to you what you decide. Will a potty work in the lounge if you have a baby crawling around? Is the toilet at the other end of the house to where your toddler spends most of their time? Does the thought of washing out a potty seem a bit ick? Many parents start with the potty where your child plays, then move closer to the toilet over time.

Pottys come in many shapes and sizes. It is good to look out for one that has a flat base or rim around the base. You want a potty that doesn’t tip or get knocked over easily. If you have a boy, a potty with a higher front can help keep the wee where it needs to be.

2. Toilet Seat Insert

If potties are not for you – an insert that fits onto your toilet seat may be just the thing. Some kids look at the size of the “hole” and fear they will fall in and so an insert will make them feel a bit more secure. Remember, their bottom is a lot smaller than yours. You can get inserts that clip to your main seat, so it is quick to change from child sized to adult. This makes it easy for everyone else in the family. If you are out and about using public toilets, sitting your child sideways can help.

3. Steps

Steps or a ladder style makes it safer for your child to get up on the toilet. If you are using the toilet, a step is handy to make it easier and faster for your child to get up on the toilet. A step is also great for their feet to push on when doing a poo, which puts them in a better posture for their bowels. Steps can also make them feel more secure. Remember to also get a step for your hand basin.

4. Training Pants

Training pants are a great transition between nappies and undies and are designed to help keep your sanity over this time. The Snazzi Pants range by Brolly Sheets are made of 100% cotton with an absorbent pad and waterproof layer. They feel and look just like big kid undies. Training pants are not meant to keep your child completely dry like a disposable does – those crystals soak up a lot of wee! Instead, they allow your toddler a bit more time to get to the bathroom, minimising the need for clothing changes and protecting your floors and furniture. Because they are cotton, your child will feel wet, which allows their brain to start to process what they need to do. Disposables take away the wetness so your child a) isn’t even aware some of the time they are wet and b) means they do not have to stop what they are doing to go to the toilet. Getting out of disposables and into undies or training pants is the first step to potty training.

5. Wet Bags

If heading out and about, a change of clothes is a good idea whilst going through the potty-training process. Your child might be fine at home, but when out, there are more distractions and loos are not always as easy on hand. Be prepared and take a change of undies and shorts in a handy wet bag to bring home any soiled clothing. Wet bags are also great for: wet swimsuits, dirty nappies, kids travel /busy bag (pop in a toy car, some Lego and a snack to keep the kids entertained when out at a café), toothbrush when travelling, a book bag and more.

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