5 Essentials for Nighttime Toilet Training

Toilet training, like any other skill, requires patience and the right tools. Just as you invested time and energy into teaching your child to walk or ride a bike, nighttime toilet training demands a supportive approach. Accidents are part of the learning curve, not deliberate acts of defiance.

Daytime training often starts around 2-3 years old. Boys can be a bit slower. Nighttime training is generally around 4-5 years. Again, it is child dependent. Some kids only take a couple of weeks, whilst others can be a lot older before they are fully dry throughout the night. 

  • In a school class:
    • At age 5, 5 or more kids that wet at least twice a week. 

    • At age 7 there will be about 2

    • At age 10 there will be 1 or 2. 

The key is to maintain a positive atmosphere. Having products that help change a wet bed quickly or make it easier to see in the dark can really take some of the stress out of bedwetting for both you and your child.

1. Brolly Sheets with Wings

Imagine changing a wet bed at 2 am without stripping the whole mattress. Brolly Sheets Cotton topped waterproof bed pads make it possible. A Brolly Sheet goes on top of the bottom sheet, with wings that tuck in to hold them in place. Made with a 100% cotton top, absorbent middle layer and a soft, quiet waterproof back, they’re easy to change and free from harmful PVCs or vinyl. They really do help making changing a wet bed a breeze. Remember, if it is not cotton, it is not comfy. Polyester topped pads can make a child sweat and itch.

2. Nighttime Training Pants

While disposable nappies or pull-ups contain accidents, they might make children too comfortable, allowing them to sleep through the wetness. Brolly Sheets’ Snazzi Pants Night Trainers provide a different experience. They make children feel wet when they wee, promoting awareness of bodily functions. Discomfort from wet pyjamas encourages waking up, helping children gain control over their bladder. Night training pants will never hold as much as a disposable, so they are not a replacement if your child’s nappy is soaking wet every morning. They are for kids almost dry or who wake up at the start of a wee.  

3. Waterproof Mattress Protector

It is a great idea to have waterproof mattress protectors on every bed in your home. It will freshen up your bed – just wash a couple of times a year. A soft and comfy fully fitted protector goes under your bottom sheet, safeguarding your mattress from various spills and accidents, not just bedwetting.

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