10 Pregnancy Myths Busted

6. All women feel the “pregnancy glow”

FALSE – During pregnancy, your glands produce more oil due to the increase in hormone levels. This can lead to a number of skin changes including the so-called “glow,” which is really just a nice oily shimmer. Other women, however, could break out in acne caused by this oil excess so if you are experiencing “the glow,” count yourself lucky!

7. Playing Mozart will make my baby smart

UNKNOWN – The overall effect of playing music to an unborn baby is still unknown. There have been a few very small studies showing increased cognitive development, motor skills and language development in early infancy in children who were exposed to music in-utero but these studies are small and there has been no follow-up research done. That said, baby can hear our voices and music and it may be that they recognise those sounds in the first few weeks earth-side so play some tunes if you are feeling inclined, but don’t overdo the Mozart thinking you are brewing a genius baby because of it. 

8. One Drink is OK

FALSE – While one or two sips of champagne for a toast probably won’t do baby any harm, there is overwhelming evidence linking drinking during pregnancy to severe birth defects and miscarriage. The overall message: abstaining 100% from alcohol throughout your pregnancy is safest.

9. You’re Eating for Two 

FALSE – Even if your insatiable appetite and cravings have you on second and third helpings at dinner, the general advice is to increase your intake by 300-500 calories daily, depending on your overall weight and health at the beginning of pregnancy. 

10. Morning sickness means it’s a girl!

MAYBE – Mamas-to-be who are carrying girls tend to have higher hCG levels. Since hCG is said to be the cause of morning sickness, it is no wonder that women carrying baby girls tend to have more severe morning sickness than those carrying boys. Mothers carrying boys, however, may experience varying degrees of morning sickness and it can often be quite severe as well so if you can’t keep anything down, don’t bank on it being a girl until your 20-week ultrasound to be sure!

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Originally from New York City, Sasha has lived throughout the United States, spent 15 years in Paris, France before moving to Singapore and is now settled in Munich, Germany. She had my first son in Paris and her second in Germany. Both of her boys hold two passports, speak three languages and have travelled the world with Sasha and her partner!

As an expat mom, Sasha understands the struggles that new moms face, whether you are surrounded by family or 6000 miles away from home! She believes that it is her role to provide you with evidence-based information and nurturing support to help you find the right path for your family.

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