10 signs of candida and why the candida diet doesn’t work

STEP 2 Break down the biofilm – this is the mucosal lining in the intestines under which yeasts, bacteria and parasites thrive, using a herbal and enzyme supplement. It’s the secret to successful gut healing protocols that is often missed.

STEP 3 Remove the Candida overgrowth using an antifungal herbal, probiotic and nutrient protocol. This may include caprylic acid, black walnut, berberine, grapeseed extract, oregano, thyme as well as specific strains of probiotics in a certain order.

STEP 4 Restore and repopulate the gut with a balance of beneficial bacteria, digestive enzymes and anti-inflammatory supplements to soothe and rebuild the intestinal lining.

STEP 5 Add back in your healthy carbs and enjoy your return to health! 

Curious to get tested for Candida or keen to know more?  

A complete microbiome stool test is the best way to understand the state of your digestion, health of your microbiome and to identify hidden triggers to your symptoms.

Or you may choose to do the Candida protocol based on symptoms alone. 

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Not yet ready for stool testing but want to kickstart your gut health? If you prefer a more holistic mind, body and life approach to gut health, the Healthy Gut Reset may be the right program for you. 

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With over 16 years experience in health education and research, Sofia is a Gut Health Coach, Certified Integrative Health Practitioner and Essential Oil Specialist. Sofia holds postgraduate qualifications in public health (MPH). As a finalist in the Local Business Awards, Sofia’s work has been published in peer reviewed health journals, The Natural Parent Magazine and Thrive Global.

Gut health is her life passion! After struggling with her own son’s severe reflux and digestive problems, Sofia healed and transformed both her son’s and her own gut using a combination of diet, natural remedies and removing household chemicals. She now teaches this same holistic approach that brings together mindset, food and home in her Healthy Gut Reset program and 1:1 Gut Health Practitioner services.

As founder of The Natural Switch, Sofia has helped over 500 women kickstart a healthier, low tox lifestyle and take simple steps to love and nourish their gut, nurture their soul and detox their life. Visit her website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram for more information. 

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