Opening Up to Our Natural Psychic Abilities on the Pregnancy journey

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By Kristen Budd

There are so many old wives’ tales that you receive when you are pregnant. My favourite is that heartburn is a sign of a baby with a lot of hair, which screamed true for me on both accounts. There are the common old wives’ tales to predict a baby’s gender such as the gestational heartbeat. They say if the baby’s heart rate is more than 140 beats per minute then you may be having a girl, but a slower pace makes a boy more likely. Or if you are carrying the baby high, you’re having a girl and if you are carrying the baby low, you are having a boy.

Some people dismiss these tales completely as they have ended up being proven false or irrelevant by advances in medicine and technology.

I however love these wives tales. One that resonates with me completely based on my own experiences relates to the women’s intuition increasing during pregnancy. Regardless of any scientific, psychological or medical reasoning, or research piece, I wholeheartedly believe that my intuitive and psychic senses intensified with both of my pregnancies.

There is the old adage that pregnant women, or women about to fall pregnant, have vivid, prophetic dreams that take place where they receive a knowing they are pregnant, meet their unborn child, or generally receive messages and visions in dream state. There are loads of books and research pieces that cover this. Of mention is the book Spirit Babies by Walter Makichen that I cannot recommend highly enough for women trying to fall pregnant or about to start their birthing journey and wanting to deepen their connection with their unborn spirit baby.

The mere event of having another being growing inside one’s own body actively promotes a beautifully psychic process when creating a child. The energetic bond created between mother and bub happens before a child is even in their human body. This energetic bond strengthens over time and creates a natural “knowing” between them both. Mothers “know” when their child needs them, even if they are not together physically.

This energetic bond created between mother and child sits just under our conscious awareness and physical reality. It sits in the unseen world of energy and spirit. When a mother is pregnant, this unseen energetic world intensifies, as the baby and mother start to sense each other’s thoughts and emotions.

When I was pregnant, I initially had no doubt that I was giving birth to a boy. I was convinced! I had a boy’s name picked and in meditation I would connect with my belly and growing baby and always received subtle messages of dislike for the name. It was confusing for me until I found out from the scan that I was having a little girl. She didn’t like the name because it was a boys’ name.

I also had always envisaged my children with dark brown/black hair like my own. When I was pregnant with my second child, I was deep in a daytime nap. It was one of those dream states where I felt like I was awake and this little boy with blondish coloured hair and big blue eyes was running to me. He jumped on me in play, which woke me up abruptly as it felt so real. When I collected my thoughts in my waking state, I remember thinking, surely, that was not my child…My child will have dark hair and brown eyes, just like me! Later down the track, I gave birth to Lorenzo, who is a gorgeous little boy with blondish hair and bright blue eyes and was the same little boy who visited me in my dreams!

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