11 Keys to Being a Skilled Listener & Why it Matters More than Ever

  • Ask better questions about things that matter. Forget external achievements, awards and the usual and focus on the cues you get from others. I promise you that your conversations will be way more interesting!
  • Instead of thinking about what people might be thinking of you, lean into being present with someone else and giving them the gift of eye contact and warmth. 
  • Connect with your own body when you’re interacting with others. Be aware of your breathing, thoughts and sensations. Listening is a masterclass in presence. 
  • If you’re unable to be fully present with someone who is asking for your support, be honest about it and make a time with them where you can commit to listening deeply. 
  • Help others to articulate their hopes and dreams.  Be a vision holder for those you love. 
  • Ask to be properly listened to yourself.  If you have something important to say, let those you love know how they can support you. 
  • Most importantly, listen to yourself. Hear the whispers of your wild soul, the longing for rest, creative expression, connection and nourishment. When you can listen to yourself skillfully and without judgement, you bring the gift of your authenticity to the world. 

Geordie Bull is a transformational coach and NLP practitioner who works with mothers who are ready to use the power of the mind to optimise their lives as parents, businesswomen and leaders. Connect with Geordie at www.geordiebull.com.au, on Instagram @geordiebullcoaching or on Facebook.

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