14 Signs We Need To Detox

By Kate Barnes

Everything is poison, there is poison in everything. Only the dose makes a thing not a poison

Paracelsus, 1493 – 1541, ‘The Father of Toxicology

“Cheers!” And a collision of pewter mugs that carries enough force to spill alcohol into the mug of the person opposite – holding a concerned gaze…    

Hundreds of years ago, spilling a drink into someone else’s was a sure way of checking if that person was trying to poison you or not!   

It was one of the few forms of poisoning they really had to contend with, along with poisons originating from plants or animals, and even then they generally understood when they were poisonous or when they weren’t. 

It’s a different story today… 

In today’s world, we’re likely to have inherited a generous toxic dose from our parents and our bodies are being bombarded daily with toxic chemicals, some we may not be aware of:

  • The polluted air we breathe 
  • The new clothes and furnishings we bring home 
  • The pots and pans we cook with 
  • The lotions we put on our skin to ‘nourish’, protect us and repel bites and stings 
  • The cleaning products we use to clean… everything 
  • The medications we’ve taken or are taking 
  • The food and drinks we enjoy 
  • The sprays we protect our home and garden with and so on and so on… 

This is just a snippet of what we are exposing ourselves to and need to prevent from clogging up our unsuspecting organs, especially our kidneys, livers, brain and skin. 

It’s a silent and gradual bombardment on our organs, our chemistry and immune systems.  

And this is without including the dose of heavy metals and other inorganic chemicals we’ve got tucked away in our cells slowly accumulating and with the potential to wreak havoc. 

It’s a gloomy intro. I know… and there is good news! Before we get to that though, let’s recognise these invasions so we CAN and WANT to take action rather than continuing speeding along life’s super highway, expecting our bodies to soldier on, until we crash.

Before a crash… Here are 14 signs our bodies need help. 

Many of us are suffering from ongoing ailments and illnesses we just can’t get on top of no matter how well we eat or live our lives. Or, we are functioning well but there are little clues that have quietly snuck into our being:

  1. Allergies we never used to have, such as hay fever or eczema 
  2. Food sensitivities 
  3. Poor sleep 
  4. Regular headaches 
  5. PMS symptoms that have become heavier or more noticeable 
  6. Cysts, lumps and growths 
  7. Easily irritated and quick to get angry 
  8. Joint pain 
  9. Fluid retention 
  10. Increased belly fat 
  11. Skin irritations e.g. itchiness 
  12. Thyroid issues 
  13. Cravings 
  14. Lagging energy at the end of the day or it’s harder to get out of bed in the mornings 

If you or your family members suffer from any one of these or even if they don’t, it’s probably time for ‘a gentle cleanse’ or detox and to give your systems a reboot and your liver some love. 

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