3 Steps to Setting Technology Limits with our Kids

So, you two talk about this and you do your best to help her understand your concerns. You talk about the need for the brain to rest so she can do her best in school, develop into an emotionally intelligent woman, do her best at soccer and be a good friend. You really help her understand the impact of not getting uninterrupted rest. The two of you decide that during school nights, she will check her phone in with you for the night at 8pm and 10pm on weekends. You both feel good about the rule and agree to try it for 30 days and then assess the outcome.

The success of this will rest in your consistency. Remember that enforcing a new plan is up to you as the parent.

Not letting it slide for one night, forgetting, or turning a blind eye because she has a friend over for a sleepover will show your daughter that you are committed to this, that it matters and that you’re investing in not only the goal but her well-being.

Even when she gets upset, yells, begs or negotiates, stay the course. Be the leader. Know that this is for her own good. And stay consistent. Let the new habit take effect with your consistency. Let the benefit rise to the top by giving the brain enough days to form the new habit.

Hungry to learn more about this topic?

Want someone to talk to about YOUR concerns around screen time?

Do you try to include your kid in the conversation, but you just end up arguing?

Do you struggle with being VERY consistent with setting limits?

That’s where I come in to help! I am putting the finishing touches on a new course designed to help you wade thru the confusing topic of technology and our kids. If you have questions and concerns, I have answers and tools. Email me directly at Lisa@ThePeacefulParent.com. I know how hot this topic is and much many parents struggle.

You are not alone and I am here to help!

This is an extract from Lisa Smith’s guide to Peaceful Parenting During Uncertain Times

Lisa Smith is a Mum and Parent Coach who knows the joy of transformation, but really, she helps turn frustrated parents – who regularly default to yelling, threatening and punishing – into peaceful leaders within their households. As a former dominant parent, she found the path to Peaceful Parenting and is dedicated to helping other parents find their way too!  

When she’s not coaching, you’ll most likely find her at a basketball game rooting on her son or travelling somewhere new. She is obsessed with cross-fit, personal development and romance novels. You’ll almost always find her with a Starbucks iced green tea in her hand.

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