Finding the beauty in everyday: Easter with the kids

 By Charlotte Cretney 

When I started writing my blog for this month I had so many exciting ideas for Easter and Autumn and had grand plans to inspire you all with the crafty things we were going to do.

It’s funny with kids that you set out with these grand ideas and plans and it probably ends up going to plan about 10% of the time!

When I was a child I spent so much time playing on our farm – jumping off hay bales, building tree forts and playing in the mud. We didn’t even own a television until I was a teenager. I don’t ever remember feeling bored in my childhood.

So when we went down to the park this week with my grand plan to collect leaves and paint all these cool things, suddenly we were heading along another journey. We explored the park, collected leaves – we talked about their colours and why they were falling. We counted chestnuts and ate fresh pears from a fruit tree. The plan I had was gone out the window, but we were all so happy that painting could wait.

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