5 Tips for Preparing You & Your Child for Starting a New Childcare


It can be exciting and nerve-wracking when the time comes for your little one to start at a new childcare, both for you and your child. The team at Kindello have come up with some tips to help your family get ready.

Preparation is key

Know that it is completely normal to feel anxious about your child heading off to daycare. It can be really hard to let go, especially if you have had them at home with you up until this point. It might be that you need to return to work to provide for your family, or you might feel it’s the right time for you and your child.

Do some research on the different types of childcare available and visit a few different centres in your area before deciding. This allows you to get a feel for what the childcare might be like, helping you and your child to feel comfortable on the first day. It will help ease any concerns you might have, giving you confidence that you have found the perfect fit for your child.  

Kindello recommends visiting at least 5 facilities if you are able to.

Talk to your child

In the weeks leading up to their start date, talk to your child about what to expect, who their main carer or teacher will be and what the daily routine will look like. It’s a good idea to connect with their main teacher or carer prior to them starting, as this allows you to start getting to know each other before the first day. It will help alleviate any fears they may have. Address any specific concerns that you or your child have directly with the centre. Ask about how the teachers will communicate with you, for example via the Storypark app, which helps parents stay up to date with day-to-day learning and activities.

Pack a bag

Get organised with all of the things your child will need for their day at childcare.

It’s important to be prepared for the first day to help ease with the transition. Starting a new childcare can be an exciting but also nerve-wracking time for both you and your child. One way to do this is by packing a bag with everything they will need for the day. Depending on your chosen centre, this might include snacks and drink, spare clothes (for accidents or spills), nappies and wipes and sunscreen. A favourite toy from home for nap time can help too. By being prepared ahead of time, you can help make the transition smoother for everyone involved. Ask your childcare provider what items are needed as it can vary from centre to centre. Some provide lunch and nappies and others don’t, so it pays to double check.

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