Rainbow Lotus: A Short Rhyming Story for Children

Artist: Thana-one Yazawa

This rhyming story is by Michelle Wanasundera, for children aged 4 years + and aims to nurture children’s imagination as well as a love for the simple wonders in life such as nature! Read it aloud to your child and enjoy. 

Rainbow Lotus


Imagine you’re a seed, sleeping snug in the mud,

deep within you hides

a special little bud.


You might be small, but have a big job to do,

the job of becoming

uniquely you.


Just one of many, in the bed of the lake,

each a flower seed –

to blossom once awake.


Pushing through the soil, isn’t much fun,

but you keep on striving

to the cheerful sun.


Squirming and worming, you’re heading the right way,

nurtured by the water

helps you grow each day.


All can’t wait to meet the bursting bud,

majestically rising

from out of the mud.


It’s finally time, to set your petals free!

Uniquely you is here –

for everyone to see.


When joining the other fine flowers nearby,

you can’t help feeling

a wee bit shy.


They are purple, orange, blue and pink –

you are multicoloured,

quite special they think.


While it’s exciting to be a flower rainbow,

being the only one

has you feeling low.


But it’s not long til you begin to agree,

being all the colours

is extraordinary.


All are drawn to your bright, brilliant bloom,

overhead dragonflies

whir, zip and zoom.


The fairies also love the luscious lakelands,

hosting tea parties on

your soft petal hands.


They believe that you of all the flowers,

you alone carry

super special powers.


They dance in rings under star lit skies,

waving magic wands right

before your very eyes.


Your friends wish they had parties like you –

but they’re always welcome

to join in too.

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