5 ways to fight cold and flu and avoid the shot

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My hubby and I are going on holiday for a couple of weeks and leaving the kids! (first time!)

I don’t want them (or us) getting sick in the lead up or while we’re away! And I’ve had lots of people asking me about ways to avoid the flu shot and boost immunity, so I hope this post helps you and your gang too (btw all these tips and lots more are in my ebook, ‘Why kids get sick’).

Here’s what I’m amping up:

1. Foods

  • A good breakfast helps stabilise blood sugars as well as starting the day with a whole lot of nutrients. 
  • A green smoothie each day with lemon, ginger, herbs and a touch of garlic. (Add a sweetener e.g. fruit or coconut water and they won’t know).
  • Plant variety to feed a diverse microbiome (good bugs), e.g. in salads / steamed vegetables and ‘snuck’ into meals, e.g. mince, smoothies, sauces etc. and in smoothies.
  • Herbs and spices into cooking, e.g. ginger, turmeric, garlic, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, fennel etc. 
  • Organic berries.
  • Slow cooked meat on the bone for additional minerals. 
  • Healthy fats & good quality, organic protein at each meal.
  • Bone stock to support healing the gut and for the richness in minerals. 
  • Pre-digested foods, e.g. smoothies and soups.
  • A variety of organic, dark, leafy greens and herbs, preferably from the veggie garden, freshly picked.
  • Fermented foods, e.g. kefir, applekraut, pickled vegetables.

(If I could pick just one food, I reckon it’d be garlic) 

2.  Good quality water with a touch of Himalayan salt (minerals)

Lots of it, when they wake up, in their water bottle and when they get home from school.

3. Supporting the nervous system

  • Magnesium oil.
  • Early nights, i.e. lights out for 8.30pm.
  • Up and outside as soon as they wake (as often as we can).
  • Essential oil massage before bed.

4. Supplements I use with water or in a smoothie

  • Vitamin C and Zinc (metagenics or use bioceuticals or othoplex brands).
  • Wild C Eden foods.
  • Cod liver oil (although just ran out!).
  • Essential oil immunity blend, tea tree and thyme, clove or oregano.
  • There are lots but these seem to work best for us.

5. Avoiding

  • processed sugar and too much sweetness, opting for savoury snacks.
  • screen time. 
  • lack of sleep and late nights.
  • stressors on their bodies generally.

There are so many simple things we can do in our homes to support our family’s vitality.

To become even better informed, please join me at my free upcoming webinar, ‘Why kids get sick & a new paradigm for kids to thrive‘, on the 3rd of July.

And, of course, always see your doctor if you are at all concerned.

What do you find works best for you? What are your go-to remedies? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Or if you aren’t sure where to start and are tired of the constant sickness, please reach out for a complementary call to help get you started and your family thriving. Schedule some time at https://www.katebarnes.com.au/contact/

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After working as an executive in professional services, Kate Barnes started her global business as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She has a Bachelor of Science and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business. Kate runs an online program, ‘Our Happy Children‘, a leading education program for deeply nourishing families and building strong immunity, great energy and preventing illness. For more information visit Kate’s website, like her Facebook page for loads of daily inspiration, healthy tips and more recipes and follow her on Instagram.

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