Empowering Women Through Hormonal Health Support


Wellness brand Eve was created to give women the power to better understand their hormonal health. After experiencing an extensive hormonal journey herself, Business Manager and part of the team that brought Eve to life, Beatrice Thorne, felt very strongly that women needed more support, and was inspired to create offerings that would shed light on menstrual and reproductive health issues. With the knowledge that everyone has their own unique genetic and hormonal make-up, the team at Eve help women to understand these pivotal parts of their health that are essential to overall wellbeing. Through their comprehensive at-home hormone tests and supplement range, they are on a mission to end the taboo around sex, stress and the menstrual cycle, empowering women to better understand their bodies and have greater insight into how to support them. Here, Beatrice talks to The Natural Parent Magazine about the inspiration behind Eve and their desire to help women across New Zealand and beyond.

The passion: What was the inspiration behind Eve? 

The team behind Eve have been in the functional medicine and natural health spaces for a number of years and we noticed a real lack of solutions available for women and the myriad issues we face as we traverse through life: from periods and hormones, to conception, pregnancy, postnatal and perimenopause – all while living stressful, busy lives. I was going through an extensive hormone journey of my own at the time, after transitioning off the oral contraceptive pill and was feeling very strongly that women deserved more support.

The history: How was the business established and how did you get involved?  

Before Eve‘s conception, I was working with our sister company, BePure. A team of us got together and discussed the opportunity and I was lucky enough to get the chance to bring our vision to life! Having been through a hormone journey of my own, I used this experience to help shape the products and services we went on to create, including the Eve Hormone Test, Period Pal for balanced periods and cycles, Chill Pills for stress and anxiety, and Queen V for gut and vaginal health and more. 

The innovation: What has been the biggest breakthrough for Eve along the way?  

We have our own lab through which we provide the Eve Test, a comprehensive at-home hormone test that gives you tailored diet, lifestyle and nutritional product recommendations to balance your hormones, cheaper than you can access this from a naturopath. Over the years, we’ve tested thousands of women’s hormones and the story that the data from these tests tells is incredible.  

We’ve been able to use this information to help design our supplement range, tailoring the products to meet common women’s health needs and using ingredients that are not only backed by amazing science, but that we’ve seen work firsthand for our community.  

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