6 Mindful Steps Towards a More Balanced Postpartum

Photography: Serina Crinis Photography

By Marta Willis

Now that you’re home with your precious little one, the first days of the oxytocin high might be slowly easing off. So, what can you do to keep your energy up? How can you make this sensitive time more joyful for you, your baby and the rest of your family? Here are some useful tips on how to create a postpartum haven where you can focus on falling in love with your baby.

Create some “me” time

As hard as it is to imagine putting yourself first when you have a new baby, it’s a must-do! Have a hot bath infused with yummy smelling healing herbs followed by applying beautiful organic body products to nurture your skin, body and soul. My favourites are the soothing peri spray and peri balm, and rosehip oil for the tummy and face. Little self-care pamper sessions can make all the different to your mental health. Taking a moment for yourself to breathe and relax will give you the strength you need to get through.

A “food tree” for support

Healthy, nourishing food is key to getting through the postpartum times with enough energy but it’s easy to slip up when you’re juggling a new baby. Remember, your family and friends are happy to help so consider creating a “food tree”, where each day someone in your community cooks slightly more food than they normally do for dinner and drops off a portion for you. It can take some organising but don’t be scared to ask a close friend, family member or postpartum doula to take care of it.

This time is for you and your baby so snuggle up in a warm room together and sleep, cuddle and feed. Let others nourish and nurture you…

There is also an incredible non-profit organisation that provides three meals a day for the whole family, free of charge in many cities around NZ! Visit: ww.bellyful.org.nz

Snuggle and rest

Try to avoid getting caught up in keeping the house clean and tidy and entertaining guests. This time is for you and your baby so snuggle up in a warm room together and sleep, cuddle and feed. Let others nourish and nurture you – reach out to family and friends if you have older kids. As hard as it is to ignore dishes and washing when baby sleeps, try and sleep when they do as much as possible. Even if you just close your eyes for 15 minutes, it will calm the nervous system and give you the little energy boost. Keeping the baby close will enhance your magical bond. They’ve been in your tummy for nine months with plenty of skin-on-skin contact, so snuggling is a great way to ease them into the outside world. Holding and massaging your baby while gently humming will soothe you both into a state of bliss.

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