7 Critical Tips to Increase Your Energy

Photography: Instagram @th3littlestavenger

By Nikki Veliz

1. Say no. A LOT more often. This truly is Fierce Self Care. (And there’s no spa/retreat/holiday needed to do this!)

2. Your menstrual cycle influences your hormones ALL month long. Start charting what’s going on for you each day, to notice when you need to rest more, or when you can be super productive.

3. Check in with yourself. Ask yourself how you’re feeling. Tired? Postpone your plans and rest more.

4. Drink water. Waaaaaaaaay more than you do. Hydrate all the cells in your body AS SOON AS YOU WAKE UP. Keep drinking water throughout the day. (Just like you constantly remind your kids to drink water, you need to too!)

5. Pick one night this week that you WILL go to bed early. Put an alarm in your phone to remind you. And then DO IT.

6. Move. Your. Body. (Gym not required). Dance with your kids. Start a garden together. Go for a walk or chase your kids around at the beach barefoot.

7. What lights you up? Do it. If that feels like a stretch, ask yourself, what would be satisfying right now? Different words. Same vibration. Doing something satisfying allows your body to feel more energised and more alive!

Nikki Veliz suffered a stroke scare as a new mother due to chronic sleep deprivation at just 33. For the past two years, it has been Nikki’s mission to raise awareness among tired mamas that sleep deprivation can be dangerous and debilitating. With her background in nursing and other healing modalities, Nikki now shares her critical sleep deprivation remedies to help Tired Mamas become Thriving Mamas. Get your free copy of Nikki’s Survival Guide for Tired Mamas here: https://nikkiveliz.lpages.co/freeguide/

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