Body Wisdom: Are You Listening To What Your Body Is Telling You?

So let’s make it simple: do you want your child to learn, from watching you, the path of self-sacrifice or self-love?

As a parent and of course when they are young and totally reliant on you, you attend to their every need. So what about your own? As you step out of the intense time of parenting I ask you to take a look at self-care, it is time to evaluate. For you have done an amazing job of consciously parenting your child. You have made choices, done things from the heart, listened to your child.

Now it’s time to top the self-nurturing tank. So over to you: explore, listen, feel. Give yourself gentle rubs like you do your child when they hurt themselves, give all those nurturing skills of listening, understanding and love over to you.

In becoming a parent we go through stages/cycles and the cycle of intensity calls on us to be authentic. Here lies the land of listening to our hearts and actively doing things differently for our young one. As with all things there are many layers, now the foundations you have set need to be built on. For guess what? Our children learn from our example.

So let’s make it simple: do you want your child to learn, from watching you, the path of self-sacrifice or self-love? Put like that it is so easy to choose. So make the choice and from this day forth ‘let go’ of any pattern or inner drive that is not your own.

We live in such a fast world, modern technology is wonderful for information and it is a part of life. If you are trying to slow down your own inner space so you can hear what your body says, you need to take a step back from it. Be minimal with it while you allow your body wisdom to be heard and the guidance gained is finally part of your every day life.

I have a number of reasons for writing this one, my own life reflecting this call but also a number of my friends going through similar. Each stepping out of the intense parenting stage and each facing something within themselves that needs to be rebalanced. Being the wise body it is, it presents each of us with a message we cannot ignore.

So read this and be encouraged and supported down the path of self love/self care. So that you too can access what you have already given your child. See how wonderful it is, what a blessing you have given them. Now it is time to attend to yours, may body wisdom call you, wrap loving arms around you and over the next few weeks be enveloped in the love that flows for you.

Many blessings each and every one of you, you are brave, you are strong, you are wise, you are loved.

Sally Saint is a mother to an amazing 7 year old son, woman, healer, artist, walker of this path of life. She is passionate about natural parenting as it is in line with parenting from the heart. Her life has given her many experiences and she wishes to share and support others on this path. Her website is

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