Bodypainting Behind the Scenes With Pregnant Mama Morgan

While working as a makeup artist in the local military community, I’ve had the best of times meeting the best of the best photographers, and extreme talent in the local area.

Once I had confirmed I was pregnant, I messaged Tiffany right away to film my birthing video. I have worked with her before for my business commercial and instantly fell in love with her work. I had met Emma a few times around base, and followed her on Facebook, as many of you know she’s a judge off Skin Wars, an international body painter, and a military spouse herself.

I had uploaded a few pictures of my belly where Emma offered to paint my tummy. This turned into a beautiful collaboration between Emma Cammack, Tiffany Hudson, Erin White, and myself. I had met Erin a few years back, where I was her personal makeup artist for her photography business.

This turned out so beautiful, and I couldn’t have asked for s better group of ladies to help me and my son remember such a beautiful time in my life.

Often times when a woman gets pregnant, we don’t always feel that confident as things are quickly changing inside, and on the outside. I never felt un-beautiful, in fact after this day I felt the best I think I had ever felt in my pregnancy.


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