Mum's the Word

‘Mum’s the Word’: the hilariously funny and brutally honest parenting book released by British author, Rebecca Oxtoby, exposes the brilliant truths behind life with a newborn. The book documents the unspoken tales of early parenthood in all its sleepless, snot-covered and shit-stained glory. 

The laugh out loud tales are relatable and raw, and the reviews are phenomenal. 

“This book is a must read for all new parents.”

Rebecca wrote the book to empower other mothers, and acknowledge that the Supermum precedence we see online is all a lie. 

“You know what? Some days, I can’t be arsed to have a shower and I’ll eat biscuits for breakfast. And that’s OK, because 8 months ago, I grew a person and then had them surgically removed from me. Instead of a peaceful, tranquil and relaxing recovery, I’ve been milking myself and living off 4 hours sleep ever since.” 

‘Mum’s the Word: the shit nobody tells you about parenthood until it’s too late’ is available NOW on Amazon Kindle

Also, follow Bex Oxtoby @bookmumstheword on all the socials for the chance to win a signed paperback copy. 

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