Brene Brown tackles how to talk to kids about hateful rhetoric

By Hannah Schenker

Brené Brown is such an incredible gift to the world. Her thoughtful books and talks on the ins and outs of things like vulnerability and shame is breaking down barriers and changing lives.

In this wonderful clip she talks about how to talk to your children about the hateful rhetoric that’s been bubbling up with recent events and troubling energies. After receiving lots of questions about this topic, Brene Brown made this video to offer her advice, as a part of her COURAGEworks learning community. This is happening within communities, but also right down to within our families – our parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, grandparents…Differences in opinions are surfacing in sometimes very conflicting ways. So how to we raise this with our kids? What do we say to explain what’s going on?

“If something’s happening, you say, ‘This is happening. We don’t agree with it. This is not our value in our family, and here’s why,'” Brene says. “But if all you do is put down and bad mouth other people and spend no time explaining why something is important or serious to you, then what you’re teaching is compliance and not commitment.”

This is of course stemming from the current issues in USA politics and what that whole story is bringing up for people – but this can also expand to include how we deal with differences of opinions in how to raise your child, for example.

You can find more from the wonderful Brene Brown at her website.

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