My Mothering Revolution

Photography:Opal Imagery

By Lindsay Jane Hunter

I am a mother 
a mummy 
your mum 

This role means so much  
labour to be done 

Nappies to change  
and wash and dry 
or throw in the bin 
with a guilty sigh 

Feeding you milk 
I make in my breasts 
in public 
in photos 
raising awareness  

Stopping breast feeding 
before natural term 
then I still felt guilty 
a lesson was learned 

My body has changed 
and so has my mind 
my values are ultimately  
just to be kind  

My act of revolution  
my choice as your mum 
is to treat you with respect 
a human person 

In a world full of star charts 
and sleep training 
and Gina Ford 
I will follow my instincts 
and give space to yours 

I’m not always successful of course 
it’s a struggle  
but I’m doing my best  
to mother with cuddles  

To raise boys who are kind 
and self aware 
who go through the world 
with pro-active care  

So I am doing the work 
making hard choices 
because I know that my words 
become your inner voices

Lindsay Jane Hunter is a therapeutic arts and drama practitioner based in Coventry, UK, who is passionate about facilitating opportunities to be creative and build connections. Join her Connection & Creativity communities on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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