WATCH: British mother takes to YouTube to promote breastfeeding older children

By Hannah Schenker

Sophie Rose, 40-year-old mother from UK now living in Thailand, is on a mission to normalise the breastfeeding in general, but especially of older children. She is doing this through her YouTube videos, all of which you can find here.

Her son Shaye is 4 years old and still breastfeeding, as you can see in this video!

“There’s still a lot of controversy and shock around breastfeeding an older child,” she says, “and I just want to expose it and expose it and expose it, until it becomes normal.”

Breastfeeding is a natural thing that our bodies are designed for, yet there is a lot of criticism out there in the world toward people who breastfeed for “too long”, something that’s almost taboo. The fact is, children will wean themselves when they are ready – which mothers who do breastfeed older children can confirm.

Sophie says, “I’d … love to live in a world where breastfeeding mothers didn’t feel ashamed about feeding in public. That they were able to feed wherever they wanted and there were no negative comments, repercussions, or feeling fear.”

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