Dedicated Dad “Breastfeeds” Newborn While Mama Recovered From C-Section

Now there’s something you don’t see everyday! New dad Maxamillian Neubauer stepped up to “breastfeed” his newborn daughter, when mama was recovering from an emergency c-section.

When planning their daughter Rosalía’s birth, Maxamillian and mama April were determined to get some immediate skin-to-skin contact in immediately after the birth. Unfortunately, after a month of monitoring for high blood pressure prior to the birth, April suffered preeclampsia after her waters were broken, followed by two seizures during labour and was rushed in for an emergency c-section.

Immediately following the birth, because mama was still recovering and was “completely out of it when Rosalia was born”, baby Rosalía was placed on daddy’s chest instead. When the nurses wanted to start some feeding, they offered him a suction cup fake nipple and fed Rosalía through a syringe tube.

Maxamillian told Love What Matters, “I mean I’ve never breastfed or even thought in a thousand years I would. I was the first to breast feed da baby!”

These two are sure to have an amazing bond for life, thanks to those precious moments of skin-to-skin contact. Mama April was thrilled as well, saying “I’m so thankful for my husband and couldn’t have picked a better man to start this wonderful family with.”

I have the most amazing husband ever!! Unfortunately I had 2 seizures and had to do an emergency C-Section. So I was completely out of it when Rosalia was born and didn’t get to do the immediate skin on skin like I had planned. But leave it up to Daddy to step in! He has been absolutely awesome and amazing. Since I wasn’t able to breastfeed right away due to recovering from my seizures and c-section, papi was given the opportunity to breastfeed himself! Nurses hooked him up with a suction cup nipple and there she went 🍼 I’m so thankful for my husband and couldn’t have picked a better man to start this wonderful family with ♥ #daddy #dad #dilf #papi #parent #parenting #parenthood #dadlife #hubby #husband #bestfriend #lover #baby #babygirl #rosalia #daddysgirl #daddydaughter #daddydaughtertime #papi #breastfeeding #fakenipple #mrmom #hesamazing #myheart #myloves #daughter #world_best_dad @carbon_arc_kid_madmax

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