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Becoming a mum is such an exciting and special time in your life, full of precious moments that you will treasure forever. It is one of the toughest things that you will ever do, though undoubtably it will be the most rewarding. Filled with pure love and awe for this beautiful baby you have created, you may experience times when you feel stressed, exhausted, anxious or confused by this little person. There is so much to learn during those first few months and it can take some time for you to feel confident with managing all of your baby’s cares and their ever-changing needs. Just as you get a grasp of one stage, it can change, and you might be left feeling confused and frustrated. This can be tough, especially for a first-time mum. Suddenly, you have this tiny person who is completely dependent on you, and it can leave you feeling really overwhelmed at times. 

You will learn so much about yourself during this incredible journey. Motherhood is a beautiful and powerful experience, but it can be really hard sometimes and it doesn’t always come naturally or easily. Some women have never had anything to do with babies before they have their own, while others have been surrounded by babies all their life. Even if this is not your first baby, it does not make you immune to the challenges that babies can bring. 

Every baby is different, so it is important to work out what will work best for you and your baby. It can be stressful when you are offered a lot of well-intentioned advice from people around you, which can sometimes cause even more confusion and bewilderment. Try to keep things simple and to listen to people who you trust: those that you know are offering advice based on good experience and evidence-based knowledge. With sound advice and support, you will know what feels right for you and your baby, so trust your instincts.  

At Baby Bliss, Elysia Gobbie offers personalised care and support as your Baby Advisor, that is tailored specifically for you and your baby. This is done through a range of services and sessions that cater for all parents’ needs from before your baby is born until your baby is 12 months old. With her background in midwifery, she is passionate about empowering mums and providing education and support to parents because she knows what a difference it can make. When you have a clear understanding of what to expect, it gives you the ability to relax and really enjoy this precious time with your baby and if any challenges come your way, then you will be prepared and you will know what to do.   

Whether it is helping you Prepare for your baby, Settling your baby in at Home, spending time teaching you what to expect for each stage of your baby’s development in her 0-3, 3-6 or 6-9 Month Sessions or providing professional breastfeeding support with a Breastfeeding Consult, Elysia will be your personal cheerleader. She will empower you with knowledge, teach you all the tools and skills that you need to confidently manage your baby’s feeding and cares and she will enrich your ability to trust your own instincts as a mum, so that you can really enjoy your experience.

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