Eco-friendly parenting: how you can maintain your environmental principles with ease

By Kylee Harris

New mums get one and a half hours less sleep, and whatever sleep they do get comes in increments, according to Health Navigator. Sleep deprivation coupled with the stress of caring for an infant can make it very tempting to prioritise convenience over eco-responsibility. But if you’ve got strong eco-principles, how can you best maintain them and still give your child the very best care? 

Use plant-based nappies 

When it comes to nappies, a common opinion is that reusable and washable ones are the best option. After all, disposable nappies make up 10 per cent of all curbside rubbish that finds its way to landfills. However, when you’re staring at piles of dirty nappies in the laundry, the siren song of disposable nappies can be strong. So it’s good then that new parents have the option to choose plant-based and plastic-free disposable nappies. Made from sustainable, breathable, and highly absorbent materials, the plant-based nappy is a good way to combine your eco-principles and your dire need for convenience. Less time spent doing laundry means more time resting to care for your newborn.  

Apply tech to fight food waste 

Caring for a newborn makes it extremely tempting to simply throw out organic food waste just to save time and effort. However, 700,000 tonnes of organic food waste make their way to New Zealand landfills each year, according to the Ministry for the Environment. To combat this in your household, you can try employing technology like a reliable garbage disposal unit in your sink. A garbage disposal unit can help transform organic waste into liquid waste which is carried off to water resource recovery facilities. Not only do you give yourself the benefit of less effort in clearing up but you protect the environment, too. 

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