Find Your Village: Born By One

My hope for those using Born by One is that parents can find a community that truly supports them and can help take some of the pressure of raising a child. My favourite quote by human behaviour researcher Helen Fisher, “Mothers really were not built to raise babies not only by themselves but with only a partner. For millions of years, a woman had much more than just her husband to help rear her young… This whole idea of ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ is exactly how we’re supposed to live”, this goes to the heart of Born by One.

Working on this business has been challenging. As I type this profile my five-month-old son is in my arms, and I’m typing with one hand. Typically I only work on my business at night. My days start at 6am and wrap up around 10pm. I’m usually awake watching Law & Order SVU until midnight/1am. Starting this business while being a mum and a wife means I’m running on little sleep. Every week I take a few hours to myself away from my boys just to refresh and help me be the best mum, wife and businesswoman I can be.

To learn more and to join, visit Born by One. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram

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