Finding time for yourself as a parent

Photography:Fran Jorgensen Photography

By Deborah Hide-Bayne

Having young children is all-consuming… every day can easily be filled with dressing, feeding, changing, walking, washing, repeat… but should it?

To give the best to your child, perhaps you also need to make time for yourself? I’ve found that these things don’t have to be mutually exclusive and I can spend time with my child actively enjoying things that give me satisfaction or joy and so it can be fulfilling time for both of us.

I’ve made this philosophy my lifestyle.

Working in the home and garden when the weather and time allows, I’ve gradually explored and then got so much satisfaction from a whole range of hobbies and activities that fit with my values and have allowed my child to flourish as part of a coastal country lifestyle.

What kind of things? Well, currently I’m making some of my own skin care products, designing a new garden, collecting seafood, keeping chickens, doing art and sewing projects, growing my own fruit and vegetables, cooking, preserving and loving life!

Jack has been my little helper and playmate and I approach these tasks with that mentality.

We have no deadlines; we strive to enjoy the journey, not worrying about arriving at the destination and there are always jobs that Jack can help with.

I take the time to set him up with the same activity that I’m doing (albeit in a safer, simpler way) and then we work alongside one another – talking, comparing and taking pleasure in each other’s company, as well as getting my work done.

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