Forgotten Giants: Artist Creates Unique Treasure Hunt in Copenhagen Wilderness

By Hannah Schenker

Imagine this: You and your children are on the outskirts of Copenhagen on your bicycles, backpacks full of snacks and a treasure map. You stop at the edge of the forest, and carefully unfurl the treasure map which shows this particular stretch of Copenhagen forest. On the map you can clearly see the six spots, each marked with a big X, where your giant treasure lies. You hop back on your bicycles and head off into the trees, following the trails to where you think the first one might be. You sense that you are near, then you spot a strange riddle on a rock, which the children decipher quickly, shouting that you are really close now. Then you see it: a giant hidden in the trees, quietly waiting for your arrival. After spending some time with this gentle giant, your kids find the next one on the map and away you go…

Danish artist Thomas Dambo created these wooden giants from recycled wood – just one of his large-scale projects using scrap and recycled materials. These are not sculptures you simply look at – they are interactive, made to be clambered upon.

They are placed in the forest on the outskirts of Copenhagen, to encourage people to start exploring the area, an area where “most regular Copenhageners would never have heard of or considered to visit,” he told Treehugger.

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