Great Home Workouts For You And Your Children

By Kylee Harris

A staggering 39% of children in New Zealand are overweight or obese. The obesity rate is the second highest in the world, behind the United States. The solution to this isn’t an easy one; however, as a parent, taking responsibility for your child’s health and fitness in a natural way is a good place to start. An emphasis needs to be placed on encouraging exercise in a fun, easy way, and that can begin at home. You don’t need any specialist equipment for a home workout – just a good helping of enthusiasm. By working out together, you can introduce fitness into your daily routine, supporting one another and enjoying some fun family time.

P.E. With Joe 

Over in the UK, Joe Wicks has taken the country by storm and he is now well-known worldwide. His morning workouts, aimed at children, have been broadcast live in the mornings at least every other weekday over the past year. The key to getting into a good workout routine is consistency. If you are serious about getting fit and healthy, you should try to exercise regularly. It will help boost your energy levels and immune system. “P.E. With Joe” can be found on YouTube and is great fun for children and adults alike. The workouts are challenging and include a variety of different exercises that you can do in your own living room. You don’t need any specialist equipment.

They are great fun too: Joe has an infectious personality, and even completes many of the workouts in fancy dress. Spiderman was definitely a favourite with young children.  

Maori Movement 

Maori Movement is a unique fitness programme that combines exercise with knowledge of the Maori gods (Atua). Not only can you enjoy a good workout together; you can also learn about Maori history in the process. You could try the Rongomatane sequence, which is inspired by the Maori god of cultivation and peace. It uses the actions of planting sweet potatoes or kumara in a great strength workout. You can easily join an online course together and enjoy doing the Maori workouts and movement sequences at home, in your backyard, or in an open green space if you want to be at one with nature. There are lots of live videos and tutorials to follow, and it is great fun for any age group.

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